How to Thrive as a Family with Nearly $1 Million in Debt

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that student loans are the wooooorrrrssstttttttt” - Jane Austen

Learn how this family is thriving while paying off ALMOST $1 MILLION in debt. It’s a special guest post that (spoiler alert) talks about a tooth vending machine. Check it out!

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Of Course That Happened, You Clumsy, Cursed Child - Vol. I: The Proof is in the Pudding Pants

I frequently attract a certain sort of mishaps and misunderstandings. They are usually avoidable, always awkward and often take place in a public parking lot or professional meeting. In today’s issue, we delve into the always-relatable topic of smearing pudding in your workout pants. Because of course that happened.

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7 Alternatives to Punching Your Stupid Coworker in the Face

Yes, I know Linda from accounting is about to drive you up a wall, but hear me out: If you strangle Linda, you won’t get your paycheck. Because she’s the one that processes payroll!!! Instead, read these 7 tips on what to do when you are about to snap and lose your cool at work.

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