How Did People Invest Before the Internet?

Pre-internet, there was a whole lot of room for required broker fees, mistakes and undetected bad choices. With the internet came a whole wide web of information, a higher level transparency, a greater sense of control on the consumer end, and YouTube videos of baby elephants falling over. Learn the logistics of how people used to invest — and why millennials are still more gun-shy, despite all the resources we have now.

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Intro to Investing: Get a Working Definition of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds & Other Confusing Terms That You Kinda Pretend To Know But Actually Don’t

Just in case investing isn’t confusing enough, people like to throw around acronyms and nicknames like S&P, bull, bear, NASDAQ, WTF, DOW, IDK. It’s like they have a secret club, with all these secret passwords, and they won’t let you in the treehouse because you don’t know them.

I’m breaking down investing basics — check it out!

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How to Thrive as a Family with Nearly $1 Million in Debt

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that student loans are the wooooorrrrssstttttttt” - Jane Austen

Learn how this family is thriving while paying off ALMOST $1 MILLION in debt. It’s a special guest post that (spoiler alert) talks about a tooth vending machine. Check it out!

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Handle from Hades: Here's How Much We Spent On Unexpected Car Maintenance

Oh, you’ve never crawled over a console of coffee mugs, pens and Taylor Swift CDs in order to exit your own vehicle via the passenger door? Never done that in front of an audience? MUST BE NICE. Read about my latest car conundrum, and how we dealt with this unexpected maintenance cost.

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Is Frugality A Realistic Long-Term Plan For Saving Money?

A can opener almost made me lose my mind. And that’s when I decided to take a long look at my finance goals overall and question whether or not my money plans were in perspective. The two are related, I promise. Here’s how I think you should keep your big-picture money goal at the forefront.

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4 Unexpected Money & Life Lessons We Can Learn from Matilda

“Just because you’re little, you can do a lot/You mustn’t let a little thing like little stop you.” Read how THIS and other inspiration about life and money comes straight from one of my favorite books/musicals. Oh, you don’t think children’s stories are the basis on which financial plans should be founded? Think again, maggot.

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Health Savings Accounts, Part 2: How to Invest Your HSA

Instead of using your HSA for qualified medical expenses, you can cashflow those costs — meaning you pay out of your regular ol’ savings account. If your HSA is smartly invested, it can stay put and continue to grow. Learn how to get started!

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3 Reasons Why I Paid Twice The Cost For Our Honeymoon (And Why Travel Hacking May Not Be For Me)

I’m naturally a saver. I want to find the most value in everything I purchase, even when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime experiences like a honeymoon. So why would I pay nearly double the amount as necessary for our plane tickets? I’m a bit of a travel hack skeptic, and I’ll tell you why.

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8 Things Show Business Taught Me About Money

My early career in arts and entertainment took me all over, even internationally. I met cool people and learned how to apply eyeliner well below the lash line to accentuate eyes, which will definitely come in handy in the real world.

Finances are a SORELY lacking subject in a performer’s education. But here’s what I have to say looking back on my time in the biz.

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