Intro to Investing: Get a Working Definition of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds & Other Confusing Terms That You Kinda Pretend To Know But Actually Don’t

Just in case investing isn’t confusing enough, people like to throw around acronyms and nicknames like S&P, bull, bear, NASDAQ, WTF, DOW, IDK. It’s like they have a secret club, with all these secret passwords, and they won’t let you in the treehouse because you don’t know them.

I’m breaking down investing basics — check it out!

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APY vs. APR: How They Work, What's the Difference & What They Mean For You

What is APY? And how the heck is it different from APR? It’s important to understand just how much each can impact your money — even though it seems boring to talk about. Get the scoop and a haaaaanddyyyyy song about APY inside!

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Health Savings Accounts, Part 2: How to Invest Your HSA

Instead of using your HSA for qualified medical expenses, you can cashflow those costs — meaning you pay out of your regular ol’ savings account. If your HSA is smartly invested, it can stay put and continue to grow. Learn how to get started!

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