When Is It OK to Quit Your Passion?

We often talk about quitting our job to pursue our passion, but what happens when you quit your passion? Should you be riddled with guilt? I share my deeply personal story today in this guest post. | MissFunctional Money #personalfinance #money #ballet

Today’s post is a little bit different.

I cried when I wrote it.

It’s a deeply personal story that was cathartic for me to write, and I’m nervous as heck to see how people react to it.

See, one of the best things about blogging is the community with which you connect. That’s how I got to know my “internet friend” Mike — he and I share SO much in common, and he’s been a wonderful support system throughout my first four months of officially blogging.

I was honored that Mike reached out to me to ask if I wanted to write a guest post for his site because I admire him on many levels. He’s been blogging a lot longer than me and is well-respected in the personal finance blog community — and with good reason! Mike cranks out approximately one billion times the content that I do, has a full-time job as a forensic scientist and manages the business side of his wife’s dental practice. Also he has an adorable tiny daughter. Also he works out. Also he doesn’t brag about his busy schedule, which exhausts me just to type out.

Long story short, he’s a wonderful human and writer. Check out MikedUp Blog for some engaging discussion on finance, fitness and family.

But enough about him ;)

Today’s story took FOREVER to write because writing about something so personal is always the most time consuming for me.

Because how do I convey such deep disappointment? How do I share how much I was obsessed with dance without sounding like a psychopath? Is this blister description considered TMI?

But I am glad I wrote it, and I’m grateful Mike featured my story.

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine. Do you.) and settle in for this one.

“What are you going to be when you grow up?”

The question comes from behind the video camera, where my dad is presumably wearing neon 80s thigh-bearing shorts and beaming with pride at his 3 three-year-old.


“A ballaweea!” I answer automatically.

“You are?”

“Yeah, I am!”

So simple. A question, an answer. No hesitation. I knew who I was, and what I would do with my life.

And unlike many other childhood dreams like going to space or becoming a fireman, I stuck with this one. It was my passion.

So what happened when I changed my mind?

Continue reading the story on MikedUp Blog now!

Have you ever quit something you were truly passionate about? Did you experience the same guilt as me? Drop me a comment and let me know!