Intro to Investing, Part II: Bulls, Bears & Recessions (And How You Can Prepare)

Money terms can be confusing. Heck, overwhelming. And when you’re always seeing headlines about how “market downturns are looming,” ya kiiiiiinnda wanna know what that means for you. Get a top-level overview of bull markets, bear markets and recessions — as well as what you can do to prepare.

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Intro to Investing: Get a Working Definition of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds & Other Confusing Terms That You Kinda Pretend To Know But Actually Don’t

Just in case investing isn’t confusing enough, people like to throw around acronyms and nicknames like S&P, bull, bear, NASDAQ, WTF, DOW, IDK. It’s like they have a secret club, with all these secret passwords, and they won’t let you in the treehouse because you don’t know them.

I’m breaking down investing basics — check it out!

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How to Thrive as a Family with Nearly $1 Million in Debt

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that student loans are the wooooorrrrssstttttttt” - Jane Austen

Learn how this family is thriving while paying off ALMOST $1 MILLION in debt. It’s a special guest post that (spoiler alert) talks about a tooth vending machine. Check it out!

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Is Frugality A Realistic Long-Term Plan For Saving Money?

A can opener almost made me lose my mind. And that’s when I decided to take a long look at my finance goals overall and question whether or not my money plans were in perspective. The two are related, I promise. Here’s how I think you should keep your big-picture money goal at the forefront.

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4 Unexpected Money & Life Lessons We Can Learn from Matilda

“Just because you’re little, you can do a lot/You mustn’t let a little thing like little stop you.” Read how THIS and other inspiration about life and money comes straight from one of my favorite books/musicals. Oh, you don’t think children’s stories are the basis on which financial plans should be founded? Think again, maggot.

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4 Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill in 2019 + Cheap Alternatives to Cable

If TV shows have gotten NOTICEABLY crappier over the last decade, then why is cable so heckin’ expensive? I’ll tell you who’s to blame, how you can cut cable costs, and where to go if you’re ready to cut the cord altogether.

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APY vs. APR: How They Work, What's the Difference & What They Mean For You

What is APY? And how the heck is it different from APR? It’s important to understand just how much each can impact your money — even though it seems boring to talk about. Get the scoop and a haaaaanddyyyyy song about APY inside!

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8 Things Show Business Taught Me About Money

My early career in arts and entertainment took me all over, even internationally. I met cool people and learned how to apply eyeliner well below the lash line to accentuate eyes, which will definitely come in handy in the real world.

Finances are a SORELY lacking subject in a performer’s education. But here’s what I have to say looking back on my time in the biz.

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