Intro to Investing: Get a Working Definition of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds & Other Confusing Terms That You Kinda Pretend To Know But Actually Don’t

Just in case investing isn’t confusing enough, people like to throw around acronyms and nicknames like S&P, bull, bear, NASDAQ, WTF, DOW, IDK. It’s like they have a secret club, with all these secret passwords, and they won’t let you in the treehouse because you don’t know them.

I’m breaking down investing basics — check it out!

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Is Frugality A Realistic Long-Term Plan For Saving Money?

A can opener almost made me lose my mind. And that’s when I decided to take a long look at my finance goals overall and question whether or not my money plans were in perspective. The two are related, I promise. Here’s how I think you should keep your big-picture money goal at the forefront.

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4 Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill in 2019 + Cheap Alternatives to Cable

If TV shows have gotten NOTICEABLY crappier over the last decade, then why is cable so heckin’ expensive? I’ll tell you who’s to blame, how you can cut cable costs, and where to go if you’re ready to cut the cord altogether.

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APY vs. APR: How They Work, What's the Difference & What They Mean For You

What is APY? And how the heck is it different from APR? It’s important to understand just how much each can impact your money — even though it seems boring to talk about. Get the scoop and a haaaaanddyyyyy song about APY inside!

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Health Savings Accounts, Part 2: How to Invest Your HSA

Instead of using your HSA for qualified medical expenses, you can cashflow those costs — meaning you pay out of your regular ol’ savings account. If your HSA is smartly invested, it can stay put and continue to grow. Learn how to get started!

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How to Create an Effective, Realistic Budget Based on Your Individual Goals [+ FREE PRINTABLE]

Taylor Swift has a budget. Stay with me …

Budgets are not just for cheap or broke people. They are a savvy way to track what flows in and what goes out — and yet they get this negative association with being overly frugal. Here's the truth of it: Having a budget doesn't chain you down. It offers you freedom with, and control over, YOUR money. Get your FREE step-by-step guide to creating a budget that works for you!

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