Intro to Investing, Part II: Bulls, Bears & Recessions (And How You Can Prepare)

Money terms can be confusing. Heck, overwhelming. And when you’re always seeing headlines about how “market downturns are looming,” ya kiiiiiinnda wanna know what that means for you. Get a top-level overview of bull markets, bear markets and recessions — as well as what you can do to prepare.

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Intro to Investing: Get a Working Definition of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds & Other Confusing Terms That You Kinda Pretend To Know But Actually Don’t

Just in case investing isn’t confusing enough, people like to throw around acronyms and nicknames like S&P, bull, bear, NASDAQ, WTF, DOW, IDK. It’s like they have a secret club, with all these secret passwords, and they won’t let you in the treehouse because you don’t know them.

I’m breaking down investing basics — check it out!

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4 Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill in 2019 + Cheap Alternatives to Cable

If TV shows have gotten NOTICEABLY crappier over the last decade, then why is cable so heckin’ expensive? I’ll tell you who’s to blame, how you can cut cable costs, and where to go if you’re ready to cut the cord altogether.

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How to Create an Effective, Realistic Budget Based on Your Individual Goals [+ FREE PRINTABLE]

Taylor Swift has a budget. Stay with me …

Budgets are not just for cheap or broke people. They are a savvy way to track what flows in and what goes out — and yet they get this negative association with being overly frugal. Here's the truth of it: Having a budget doesn't chain you down. It offers you freedom with, and control over, YOUR money. Get your FREE step-by-step guide to creating a budget that works for you!

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