7 Alternatives to Punching Your Stupid Coworker in the Face

Yes, I know Linda from accounting is about to drive you up a wall, but hear me out: If you strangle Linda, you won’t get your paycheck. Because she’s the one that processes payroll!!! Instead, read these 7 tips on what to do when you are about to snap and lose your cool at work.

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Unlikely Things to Be Grateful For This Holiday Season

As a naturally introspective person, it’s not hard for me to come up with a list of things that I love. But what about the things that make me roll my eyes and weigh on my chest? I’m finding ways to be truly, deeply thankful for the more obnoxious things in my life. You?

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Here's How to Make the Most of Your Mental Bandwidth

Millennials, our problem isn’t intelligence; we’re loaded with it. Our problem is mental bandwidth. And much of ours is consumed by the steady drone of background noise. Think Instagram, Facebook, talk shows, podcasts, etc.

Learn how to make the most of your most valued asset — your time — by using my one simple trick for making some room in your mind.

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